Infinity Incentive Group Shares Fall Fun in Amsterdam

Infinity Incentive Group knows that for any traveler, the opportunity of exploring a new country is a great way to kick off the fall season. Amsterdam is world-renowned for its picturesque beauty and also has earned its nickname as the Venice of the north because of being built on 90 islands and also the canals around the city.  Although often compared to this Italian city, there is a certain charm found in Amsterdam that can’t quite be compared to anywhere else. Here are some of the best things to experience while visiting this city.

Café Central: This city is known for being home to some of the cutest little places in the world. There is an abundant amount of independently-owned, one-of-a-kind little pubs, bars and clubs that even adapt this moniker around the Nieuwmarkt area. For all those who plan on visiting the famous Anne Frank House while in town, stop at the nearby Café ‘T Smalle, which dates back all the way to 1786.

Speaking of Anne Frank, the famous home where here and her family hid during World War II is both informative and deeply moving. Every traveler should take the time to visit this spot, especially those who read her diary. Be sure to book your tickets well in advance to avoid the long lines, since there is a separate line for pre-booked tickets.

Infinity Incentive Group strongly believes that spending time in Amsterdam this fall will provide a top travel experience for any traveler. Whether spending time touring around the city and riding through

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Infinity Incentive Group Features Amazing San Francisco

Infinity Incentive Group Features Amazing San Francisco

Infinity Incentive Group Features Amazing San Francisco

For those seeking out a cooler destination this summer, Infinity Incentive Group strongly encourages travelers to see San Francisco for a trip for of activities and memorable sights to preserve with memories and photographs. Recognized as one of the most remarkable cities of the American west, San Francisco has a long history that continue to be showcased through its world-famous sites, lively culture, and activities to enjoy. Visitors to the city can see famous places such as Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, and the most notable symbol, the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with the mild weather this summer, San Francisco is a great place to visit and experience a great deal during a trip.

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Infinity Incentive Group Explores Essential Travel Advice

Infinity Incentive Group knows traveling is sometimes something that takes people out of their comfort zones. Being away from normal surroundings and the familiarity of home might cause some worries for some, but one of the best things a vacation can give a traveler is an experience different from everyday life. Here is some essential travel advice that anyone can use in order to have the best time possible while trying something new on your next vacation.

  • Go Interact: Make it a point to start conversations with the locals. Basic English is spoken around many parts of the world, so it might be easier than you think. Just sticking with who you came with or other travelers doesn’t create an opportunity to learn more about a different side of life, so engage with someone new.
  • Have Patience: One of the most important tips is to try to stay relaxed. Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control, like long lines, missing a bus or an ATM that has run out of cash. Infinity Incentive Group knows life throws little hurdles all the time, so taking a minute to breathe and keep a smile on your face when these happen can help save your mood.
  • Laugh At Yourself: There might times a traveler gets lost, messes up a phrase in a new language, or has another type of embarrassing moment on the road. The truth is, it happens to everyone. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, and brush it off quick when it does happen.
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Infinity Incentive Group Recommends a Visit to Lake Powell

Infinity Incentive Group suggests visiting Lake Powell, Arizona

Infinity Incentive Group suggests visiting Lake Powell, Arizona

There are plenty of areas to visit that are remarkable works of nature. For those interested in a diverse setting, Infinity Incentive Group recommends visiting Lake Powell, Arizona. This location is interesting in that an area typically associated as a desert actually contains a lake and a series of water channels spanning hundreds of square miles. Visitors can enjoy hiking, kayaking, and even a little swim to cool off from the temperatures in the warmer months. Lake Powell is certainly one of the top places to visit in the state of Arizona and travelers can make it a trip while also visiting other places such as the Grand Canyon.

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Infinity Incentive Group Shares Sydney for Summer Fun

Infinity Incentive Group knows that many out there are searching for a way to spend their free time before summer ends. There are a lot of exciting destinations to consider out there, but Australia offers travelers some of the most beautiful beaches and scenic sights to experience. Consider visiting Sydney before the kids head back to school and schedules get more hectic, since this city will cure anyone in need of some rest and relaxation.

Sydney is known for being the ultimate easygoing seaside town. Picture skilled surfers dominating the amazing waves at Bondi beach, where beach-goers spend their days lounging around, enjoying the sand and sun. Many families enjoy building sandcastles with the golden grains, a perfect way to enjoy some time together. Just don’t forget your camera!

The beach, along with a skyscraper-filled landscape and some of the most iconic landmarks around (think: Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge) make this area perfect for your end-of-summer destination. There are a lot of opportunities to experience some of the sights that make this city famous.

Another must-see is Darling Harbour, where visitors can experience the Sydney International Boat Show, or even The Emperor’s Quest, a Chinese zodiac adventure  located at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Visitors have to solve the clues, and take time to discover where each animal’s sculpture is hidden. Once found, explore the sculpture to learn more each zodiac, along with the secrets of the Chinese Garden. Infinity Incentive Group knows that Sydney offers travelers an exciting city to enjoy for any summer vacation. For more information or to start planning a vacation now, please visit

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Infinity Incentive Group Highlights Family Friendly Fall Vacation Destinations

Whether it’s kids wanting a destination that offers fun yet age appropriate things to do, budget-conscious fathers who want save instead of spend, or teenagers who can be at times just simply hard to please. Spending time at any of these unique vacation destinations will impress even the pickiest of travelers, and here are some of Infinity Incentive Group favorites for fall.

1. Bagota: This capital city found in Colombia is only 475 years old, but offers a lot of rich history that travelers both the young and old will enjoy. It offers travelers a diverse literary and academic opportunities, to visitors should take time to learn more about what makes this city tick. This city was also designated as a UNESCO City of Music and is home to the International Jazz Festival, bringing people from around the world. Also, most of the events are free, perfect for all those out there on a budget.

2. Paris: Infinity Incentive Group knows that this is one destination that many flock to around the world, since France is the top country of tourism, receiving over 82 million foreign visitors a year. Home to the Eiffel Tower and other great examples of stunning architecture and beauty, taking a tour of the city is a must-do activity when visiting.

3. Hong Kong: Classical and experimental art offer something that adults and kids alike can ponder on, and this city is home to some unique museums that travelers should take time to see.  The emerging gallery scene offers some of art’s best hot-spots like Hammer Gallery and 2P and are both home to some of the most unique art in the world.

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Infinity Incentive Group Recommends a Unique Vacation to Flagstaff

Infinity Incentive Group knows very well that when most people think of Arizona, vast deserts and scorching temperatures come to mind. This has been reinforced further through popular culture. However, there is much more to Arizona that often surprises many people. In the northern region of the state, temperatures are cooler and it even snows. For many years, Flagstaff has been a popular destination for tourist, especially in the winters during the snow season. Visitors even have the option to ski and engage in other snow sports. Again, this can seem like a foreign concept when associated with Arizona. It is nevertheless a reality during certain times of the year.

Flagstaff is easily accessible through a number of highways. Infinity Incentive Group is aware that heading northbound from Phoenix, it is approximately a two and a half hour drive. Although Flagstaff is recognized as a small town, a whole world of possibilities are available. Visitors can enjoy a variety of quaint restaurants, hiking trails, and ski resorts open during the snow season.

Flagstaff is commonly overshadowed by the larger cities in Arizona. However, it is still a charming location to visit, whether as a day trip or a longer duration. Those who want to enjoy cooler temperatures and witness amazing mountain ranges can do so in Flagstaff.

Since the town is most popular during the winter, it is recommended to make reservations in advance to ensure services are available for visitors. From there, it should take little effort to enjoy a stay in this northern Arizona town.

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Infinity Incentive Group Highlights Time In The French Riviera

Infinity Incentive Group, a leading provider of vacation incentives to travelers all around the globe, knows that some travelers out there are trying to determine what would be a fun destination to kick off the end of the summer vacation season. France is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, drawing in over 80 million tourists annually. One of the most beautiful areas of the country is the French Rivera, and is one place every traveler should take time to visit in there lifetime.

Also known as the Cote d’ Azur, this area is sometimes referred to as a playground for the rich and famous. Infinity Incentive Group knows when travelers think of this area, the imagine the glamour of St. Tropez and Monaco, or think of the highly-famous Cannes Film Festival. All of these area serve as a beautiful place to spend time, and offer luxury that many areas of the world can’t compare to.

But for those who want to avoid overly-crowded or too expensive places this summer, there are options to still spend time in the French Rivera without breaking the bank. The villages of Eze and Saint-Paul de Vence may not be as well known, but are just as beautiful and exciting as other areas of the country.

Another less well-known area is Grasse, home to some of the best perfumeries in the world. Take time to visit  Parfumerie Fragonard to learn more about how perfume is made. The guides speak English while walking around the factory, and even get to see the chemist cook up his creations. Infinity Incentive Group knows the French Riviera is one of the best places to spend time this summer, no matter what part you visit.

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Infinity Incentive Group Encourages Travelers to Visit Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

As one of the most popular destinations to visit, Paris is a city full of culture, history, art, fine cuisine, and world famous sites. “The City of Love” is visited by millions from around the world each year as known by Infinity Incentive Group. It is no wonder why Paris if often one of the top international destinations to visit in a lifetime. Whether enjoying a delicious meal or taking in the sites around the Eiffel Tower, visitors to the city will have plenty of memories to take back home and cherish forever.

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Infinity Incentive Group Showcases Chicago for Top-Rated Summer Fun

Infinity Incentive Group wants each and every vacationer out there to have the best experience while planning any upcoming end-of-summer vacations. This time of year is an ideal time to travel, especially since kids are heading back to school and the warm weather will soon be wrapping up. Before this beautiful season ends, take the time to bring family together and spend the last days of summer enjoying a beautiful vacation in Chicago.

The enthusiasm about this city in the summertime helped it secure a spot as one of the top 20 summer destination in the “America’s Favorite Cities” survey. In fact, each year Travel and Leisure ranks cities on things like best dining, shopping and atmosphere, along with the best times of year to visit. This city was well-ranked in all areas, and offers vacationers a classic All-American vacation experience.

Spend time visiting the famous Navy Pier, a family favorite that offers a lot of different types of entertainment. There are many rides and attractions, restaurants, a children’s museum, and of course, perfect places to pick up a souvenir for those who couldn’t come along.

Infinity Incentive Group shares that a cruise around the river is one of the best ways to spend time with friends and family this summer. See the scenic area of beautiful Lake Michigan, and for those who choose to go on one of these exciting luxury cruises at night just may be treated to fireworks. Any traveler who chooses Chicago for their upcoming vacation will find that it is a fun city to immerse yourself in, and that you may just want to make coming back a yearly tradition.

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