Infinity Incentive Group Encourages Travelers to Visit Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

As one of the most popular destinations to visit, Paris is a city full of culture, history, art, fine cuisine, and world famous sites. “The City of Love” is visited by millions from around the world each year as known by Infinity Incentive Group. It is no wonder why Paris if often one of the top international destinations to visit in a lifetime. Whether enjoying a delicious meal or taking in the sites around the Eiffel Tower, visitors to the city will have plenty of memories to take back home and cherish forever.

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Infinity Incentive Group Showcases Chicago for Top-Rated Summer Fun

Infinity Incentive Group, a leader in travel fulfillment services, wants each and every vacationer out there to have the best experience while planning any upcoming end-of-summer vacations. This time of year is an ideal time to travel, especially since kids are heading back to school and the warm weather will soon be wrapping up. Before this beautiful season ends, take the time to bring family together and spend the last days of summer enjoying a beautiful vacation in Chicago.

The enthusiasm about this city in the summertime helped it secure a spot as one of the top 20 summer destination in the “America’s Favorite Cities” survey. In fact, each year Travel and Leisure ranks cities on things like best dining, shopping and atmosphere, along with the best times of year to visit. This city was well-ranked in all areas, and offers vacationers a classic All-American vacation experience.

Spend time visiting the famous Navy Pier, a family favorite that offers a lot of different types of entertainment. There are many rides and attractions, restaurants, a children’s museum, and of course, perfect places to pick up a souvenir for those who couldn’t come along.

Infinity Incentive Group shares that a cruise around the river is one of the best ways to spend time with friends and family this summer. See the scenic area of beautiful Lake Michigan, and for those who choose to go on one of these exciting luxury cruises at night just may be treated to fireworks. Any traveler who chooses Chicago for their upcoming vacation will find that it is a fun city to immerse yourself in, and that you may just want to make coming back a yearly tradition.

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Infinity Incentive Group Features the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon


As one of the most remarkable natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a place that should be visited by everyone at least once. It is a massive site that has been developed over millions of years. Infinity Incentive Group is especially pleased to feature this miracle of nature. Located in northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the most famous parts of the state. Aside from seeing its many views, visitors can even hike down to the rim and see the area more closely and appreciate what has developed over the years. There is also a visitor’s center to learn more about the Grand Canyon’s amazing history.

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Infinity Incentive Group Discusses Ways to Navigate through Airports

Infinity Incentive Group realizes that the summer is a popular time for people all over the world to travel. During this time, many will decide to use an airline to get to their destinations. This means that larger numbers of people will be going to the airport and preparing to leave for a vacation. Often, navigating through an airport can be a difficult task that can contribute to stress. It might not be possible to control the number of people who fly by air, the individual traveler can take certain tips into consideration that can create a higher level of preparedness and reduce much of the stress that can be associated with airline travel.

One of the most difficult tasks known by Infinity Incentive Group is having to transport luggage at the airport. A common issue is when a travelers packs more than what is needed and ends up having heavy luggage that makes it difficult to move around. This is why serious considerations should be made me packing for vacation. Often, items that are not absolutely needed for a trip can be left at home without having a serious impact on the traveler. Coming up with a list and marking priority items can give travelers a better sense of what needs to be included and what can be reconsidered. From there, it can be easier to have lighter luggage that will be less cumbersome for the traveler.

In regards to security checkpoints, travelers can go online to learn of the latest policies put in place by a particular airport. This can allow travelers to be more prepared and hopefully get through security checkpoints faster so that running late is less likely.

When travelers finally board airplanes and commence to traveling for vacation, the trip can finally begin in order to enjoy a summer break.

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Infinity Incentive Group Shares Tips for Summer Honeymoon Planning

Infinity Incentive Group is aware that for any couple with a wedding coming up, that one of the most exciting things to look forward to would have to be the honeymoon. For all those out there who are planning both of these important events in their life, they can grow tiresome of the planning process. The truth is, there are a lot of easy tips that can help make the planning process easier. Here are some of the best ways for planning your honeymoon.

1. Don’t forget to register: The latest craze has all those with upcoming nuptials out there buzzing. Instead of registering for gifts, couples can have their wedding guests foot the bill. Honeymoon registries allow your guests to contribute money to your special trip. You can even set the registry up to sponsor specific activities or events you wish to do while visiting.

2. Focus on the details: Planning your honeymoon should be a time to pull out all the stops. Take the opportunity to treat yourself and your loved one to an amazing trip. Don’t settle for average, go for the upgrade. And all the special splurges? Indulge in the things you desire. This is a once in a lifetime occasion that deserves to be memorable. Book that luxury spa experience or perhaps hire a chef to prepare a decadent, romantic meal for two.

3. Itinerary: After you have set up the perfect schedule, be sure to make copies of it. It’s important to make extra copies for yourself, and some to share with family and friends. That way if a problem arises while away from home, others will know where to find you.

Infinity Incentive Group knows these tips will help any couple enjoy and prepare for their honeymoon even better.

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Infinity Incentive Group Details Ways to Simplify Airline Travel

It is understood by Infinity Incentive Group that summer is the time when people from around the world will be traveling to go on vacation. With this in mind, airlines are extremely busy transporting large numbers of people. While the process of traveling by air can be stressful with large crowds, unexpected changes to flight plans, and other factors that can cause difficult prior to beginning a vacation, practicing methods to improve the experiences can make all the difference. This can be accomplished by simplifying the process of airline travel through a number of practical measures.

Depending on the duration of a vacation, packing can make a major difference. Infinity Incentive Group recognizes that heavy luggage transported from one place to another can be cumbersome for the traveler. On shorter trips, bringing fewer pieces of luggage while also making loads lighter can make transit much easier.

Bringing along books, electronic devices, or other personal items can help occupy the time when travelers are waiting to board an airplane or are already on a flight. Being idle with nothing to do can test the patience of any traveler. Being occupied and entertained can help bring peace of mind while waiting to get to a final destination.

The key tip to practice for airline travel is to think about what kind of experiences will be had on vacation. Simply imagining all of the possibilities can easily make travelers look forward to a trip even more. From there, arrival at a vacation destination serves as the start to something amazing.

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Infinity Incentive Group Visits Top U.S. Burger Joints

Infinity Incentive Group, a leader in vacation fulfillment provisions and services, knows that when it comes to planning your upcoming summer vacation, there are a lot of different things to look forward to. For all those foodies out there, there are a lot of yummy eats around the U.S. that deserve a shout out. Start planning your road trip to hit up these delicious spots today, and have some of the best burgers around.

1. For all those heading to South Dakota this summer, Black Hills Burger and Bun Co. in Custer serves as a can’t miss spot for the best eats. This restaurant was voted the #1 burger joint in America in July 2014., so of course this popular place is busy. Also, everything is made from scratch so it does take time to receive food. Despite these things, the service is always known for being exemplary and everything is worth the wait. Try some of the popular menu items like the Bison Burger or Pulled Pork Nachos.

2. Nic’s Grill, found in Oklahoma City, is known for being a highlight of the city. Voted #1 in the entire state of Oklahoma, Infinity Incentive Group knows foodies flock to eat their burger with the famous grilled onions and jalapenos, extra cheese, bacon and of course, burgers so big you have to eat with a fork. Friendly owner Nic walks around and stops by your table to say hello.

3. Last but certainly not least, head to Sparky’s if visiting New Mexico this summer. Unique menu items keep people coming back and includes things like sweet and savory sides like pineapple coleslaw, sweet corn with green chiles and onion. For a fan favorite, try the Super strawberry shake: it comes with chile, a swirl of whip cream and chili pepper sprinkles.

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Infinity Incentive Group Highlights Top Apps to Kill Time on Long Flights

Infinity Incentive Group knows for all those out there, a summer trip overseas can be an exciting adventure. But the truth is, getting there is half the battle. Long, crowded flights can often leave travelers cranky and bored, something that isn’t a great way to start off any vacation. For all those out there with a smartphone or tablet, make sure to bring them along and use some of these great apps to help pass the time. Bonus: none of these apps require Wi-Fi during use. Enjoy!

  1. Reading: Instapaper is a great app to use for anyone who will be bored on a long flight.
    This allows users to save any article you find online to read later, a great way to kill time.
  2. Relaxation: For a flight with a lot of loud children or a seatmate that is causing stress, Zenspace offers travelers the perfect way to unwind. This app is often referred to as a “virtual space of tranquility” and even included simulated Japanese sand and rock gardens to manipulate along with soothing white noise or music to help escape the situation.
  3. Information: National Geographic World Atlas: Infinity Incentive Group knows this app is something that is both educational and entertaining. For those who want to brush up on information about their travel destination, this might be the perfect app.
  4. Fun: Last but not least, for kids who just can’t sit still, any of the following games will be a fun distraction. SpellTower is a word puzzle game that everyone will want a turn playing.
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Infinity Incentive Group Provides Money Saving tips for Las Vegas Visitors

Infinity Incentive Group sees Las Vegas as one of the best places to visit in the United States. It is a destination where everyone can find something that fits their needs, and that includes the needs of their pocketbooks. As you plan your next trip Vegas, keep some of these deals in mind so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Hotel: There are many high end resorts and expensive hotels in Las Vegas, and Infinity Incentive Group realizes that it seem like a stay at Vegas is impossible. However, you can still get a great deal on a room for a Vegas trip. First, make sure that you compare rooms online before you book. There are many hotels even on the strip that are cheaper than the big hotels. Also, staying during the week and avoiding the weekend will get you a much better price on a room.
  • Look for the deals: Many hotels and venues will offer promotions and coupons for dinning or amusement. Look into these and take advantage of some to save you money on your overall trip.
  • Entertainment: IIG knows that there are many shows to go see in Vegas that are extremely expensive, but there are also smaller, less expensive shows that can be just as thrilling for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, there are services like Tix4tonight that can get you half priced tickets to different shows. If you don’t want to spend any money, there are also street performers on the strip that can be just as delightful.
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Infinity Incentive Group Emphasizes the Important of Travel Documents

Whether traveling within the country or going abroad, Infinity Incentive Group wants travelers to know that it is incredibly important to have proper identification, travel documents, and other such necessary material. These are required for personnel to confirm a person’s identity and provide services. Security checkpoints at airport require at least a driver’s license to verify identification as well as a boarding pass to proceed. A passport is even better. Not having any forms of identification can cause delays for a traveler and could even be denied further access by authorities. Therefore, it is important to always keep identification on hand and protect any documents from being lost.

Infinity Incentive Group is fully aware that any citizen who is going to a foreign country will need a valid passport. This is one of the most important items for a traveler to have and should be protected at all times. Having a photocopy of the passport is also useful in the event an actual passport is lost and needs to be reissued at an American embassy.

Now more than ever, possessing valid identification at all times is extremely important not only for ease of verification, but safety as well. To verify a person’s identity in the event of an emergency is essential for obtaining more information and contacting family members. Therefore, it should be quite clear how carrying identification at all times is an excellent practice.

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